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                                 ANALYSIS OF ENTERPRISE’S INNOVATIVE POTENTIAL AS A TOOL                                     TO DETERMINE ITS INTERNAL CAPABILITIES


Imaikina Olga Ivanovna, Postgraduate student, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya street, Saransk, Russia),

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Background. Formation of the innovation development strategy, creation of new competitive advantages are directly linked with possibilities of the innovative potential, which is one of the essential elements of effective management of enterprise’s innovative activity in the modern world. The goals of the study are to clarify the content of the category of innovative potential and to create a comprehensive system of indicators characterizing the state of the structural components of enterprise’s innovative potential and its integral level for the objective assessment of the factors forming the internal capabilities of enterprise’s innovative activities.
Materials and methods. Implementation of the research objectives was achieved on the basis of the theoretical analysis of the Russian and foreign scientists’ approaches to the definition of the economic category of “innovative potential”; the structural analysis of the main components of enterprise’s innovative potential; the economic analysis of indicators of enterprise’s innovative potential and its components by the example of specific industrial enterprises.
Results. The author investigated three main theoretical approaches to the definition of enterprise’s innovative potential, on the basis of which she offered an extended interpretation thereof. The article includes characteristics of the structural components of industrial enterprise’s innovative potential. The researcher suggested a complex method of evaluation of innovative potential’s components and integral level.
Conclusions. Interpretation of quantitative estimates of the structural components of the innovative potential allows to identify the innovative opportunities that exist in an enterprise, as well as factors impeding implementation of innovation. The characteristic of the integral indicator of innovative potential indicates the level of innovative development of an enterprise and determines its choice of the innovative activity strategy.

Key words

innovative potential of enterprise, resources, capabilities, system approach, components of innovative potential.

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